Package Details

Below is a list of our video packages. We also offer individual items so you may customize your package to suit your needs..

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please inquire, we will try to accommodate individual requests as needed.


Package A (Legacy)

Single Person

This is our most inclusive package. Offering a three hour interview. This allows ample time for a descriptive recording session. Up to 90 photographs and/or memorabilia will be included. Extensive time for the “B” roll footage. (Option includes separate shoot day from interview.) A custom flash drive and custom presentation box. Hardcover transcribed book supplemented with photos and custom presentation box.

Base Package: $4,995.00

Two People

In addition to everything offered with the single person, this package includes an individual interview followed by an interview together. This package can be increased for additional interviews. Perfect for the family that wishes to record multiple family reflections and stories.

Base Package: $5,995.00 Includes an additional flash drive and hardcover book*

3-4 people: $6,995.00 Includes 2-3 additional flash drives and hardcover books*

5-6 people: $7,995.00 Includes 4-5 additional flash drives and hardcover books*

*Packages include a condensed version video.


Package B (Biography)

This package offers a two hour interview. This interview may include the concentration of a specific topic in great detail or a chronological reflection with general focus. Up to 60 photos and/or memorabilia. A custom flash drive and custom presentation box. Hardcover transcribed book supplemented with photos and custom presentation box.

Base Package: $3,995.00


Package C (Storyteller)

Interested in a short video with a specific topic, story or chronological reflection with general focus? This package offers a one hour interview. Up to 40 photos and/or memorabilia. Includes Text graphics, music, custom flash drive and custom presentation box.

Base Package: $2,445.00


Package D (Tribute) 

Create a tribute video to honor someone special. The perfect accompaniment to honor a loved one at an anniversary, birthday, reunion or any special occasion.  Surprise your grandparents, parents, spouse, children, with a gift they will treasure forever.  

Up to 12 family members and/or friends interviewed to create a 20-30 video complete with music montage opening with up to 20 photos. Includes up to 3 personal quotes added throughout.

Base package: $2,995.00  includes up to 3 interviews

4-8 people:       $3,495

9-12 people:     $3,995


Package E (Memorial) 

Create a video to reflect and immortalize a loved one.  Perfect for a celebration of life gathering. Video opens with a musical photo montage.  Includes 3-5 songs of choice or we can provide ambient music. Video approximately 15-20 minutes.

Base package: $895

Option available:

Interview up to 2 people 

$595 (in addition to base package)




extending interview time $75 per 15 minutes

additional person** $1,500-$2,000 (package B, C only)

Condensed Version*** $1,500 (20-30 min. Highlight Video)

drone footage $100 per hour

on location footage $100 per hour (plus travel expense)

additional photo documentation $100 per ten images

additional edit time $100 per hour

additional flash drive $15-40 each

additional USB box $15-60 each

additional transcribed book $90 each

additional presentation box $70-130 each

on location environmental portrait $100 per hour -includes two hours of post production

16” x 20” $80 each

11” x 14” $40 each

8” x 10” $25 each



** If you are interested in adding an additional family member, individual interviews will be followed by an interview together.

***The Condensed version will include highlights, photos and music. This captivating version, is perfect for viewing at family functions.




Custom Aluminum and Wood Slide Presentation Box

With our wood slide album boxes you can not only help protect these memories, but ensure that your grandkids’ grandkids will have something to cherish as well.

10’ x 10’

Box Lid Colors available in:

  • metal

  • pine

  • Customized Lid included

    • Laser engraving

    • full color printing

  • A natural linen bag with a drawstring closure system is included in each box in order to further protect your transcribed book.

In addition to included packages $100.


Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 10.30.03 PM.png

Exotic Paper Presentation Box

With tones and textures inspired by the natural environment, this Exotic Paper Presentation Box sets the stage for that meaningful moment when your family and friends open the lid for the first time to reveal the transcribed family legacy book.

8” x 10”


  • Custom Ribbon Color - Black, Blue, Brown, Champagne, Cranberry, Dark Aqua, Ivory, Light Aqua, Lime, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White

  • Customized lid available - mid brown ink

In addition to included packages $100.

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 10.12.39 PM.png

Exotic Paper Flash Drive Box

Crafted from natural cotton paper, your family will take note of this exotic, eco-friendly flash drive box. Inside the box, your drive sits comfortably on a bed of coconut husk fibers. It is secured by a string attached to the bottom of the box, which then cleverly winds its way over the top of your drive and out through a hole in the bottom, where it can then be wrapped around a button positioned on the front of the box to ensure a tight close.

4.062″ x 2.875″


  • Customized lid available- mid brown ink

In addition to included packages $20.

Crystal USB Drive

Sophisticated and elegant, our Crystal USB flash drive


  • available in over 26 cap colors.

  • Customize with sub surface laser engraving on the crystal

In addition to included packages starting at $30.